We strive first and foremost to understand our candidates.

Acting as a career coach – what makes them tick. What things they want to accomplish in their lives. What they most love doing. And through that, we help our candidates find the best possible fit for them. We are interested in creating matches for our candidates that help them to:

  • Achieve their career goals
  • Work in their areas of greatest interest and passion
  • Identify opportunities in which their personal life is supported – working hard and playing hard are both important elements of life
  • Work with high performing teams in which they can continue to be challenged and learn
  • Be part of an organization where they can contribute to the growth and strategy of the business
  • Have fun! We spend a significant part of our time at work – it should be something that is enjoyable

What we do:

  • We stay in touch. We keep you informed. We follow up. You’ll keep hearing from us throughout the search
  • We offer perspective and guidance when requested
  • We help you land the role you’ve been seeking
  • We prepare you for interviews so that you can have the most successful meetings possible
  • We assist in offer negotiation to create an offer that is a positive outcome for both candidate and hiring company
  • We support you. Going through a job search process can be stressful, particularly when a potential relocation is involved. It’s not always going to be simple or easy. But we are here to support you through it
  • We give you honest and clear feedback

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t try to fit a round peg into a square hole for the sake of a fee. It just doesn’t work
  • We don’t coerce you. We are here to support you in your decisions. We don’t try to make them for you